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Flexible, comfortable, simple to apply and cannot be over-tightened. The custom designed leg wraps are made with a polycotton outer, quilted to a fibre core with a cotton-rich towel lining and an integral pocket for the ColdPaks. The hook and loop fastening runs down the entire length of the raps, thus eliminating the need for any straps. The Polar ColdPak Raps shape perfectly around the tendons.

Simply place in cold water and leave to soak for 30-40 minutes and the internal crystals will turn to a cold gel. The cool leg wrap maintains its temperature for 20 minutes treatment period that is recommended by vets and farriers. Saves having to cold hose.  Perfect to take to competitions for post-event relief or treatment.

For heat therapy simply soak in warm water and apply in the same way.

They come in a twin pack made up of the 2 raps and 2 Coldpaks.